I am not nearly as sad as I look here.  This was taken less than three years ago at my Goddaughter's Christening.  I waited a long time to get a Godchild and the experience really moved me.  (Yes, that's my babygirl in my arms.)

I am fair skinned but I think this is an exageration...I hope so.  Oddly, I think I look younger now...

This was before I settled some marriage issues with Rick, met Kris, found my spiritual path, OR started writing.  Wow.  I was a different person then.  Maybe I was sad ... in the general sense.

I know this is pretty blurry but the object was to get something closer to full length.  This is me with my sisters and Mom at Mom's 70th birthday party.  Again, kind of an old shot but I think it's fairly accurate.  (Note the pot...blggg.)

I'm the one on the left of course.  We are in age order.  Marilyn, the one next to me is 14 years older than me.  (Yeah, I'm the baby but when I was growing up, it felt more like 'only-child'.)

It ticked me off pretty good when I realized that I have so few photos of me.  The good news is that Rick says he's going to come home and shoot a whole role and then we'll go develop them.  It sounds like great fun to me.

Okay.  Gotta upload this and send a note to you....