January 20, 1999

Merry Meet WebFriends.  I'm writing this letter as a preface to WitchPlay.  I suspect that it will be the most frequently accessed of all my sites.  I also expect that more 'maiden' witches than experienced practitioners will visit this place.  With these thoughts in mind, I have a few things to say.

I do not set myself up as a teacher, priestess or guru.  I am just a woman that has an abiding love for all things magickal.  I have read the available witchcraft literature extensively.  My 'authority' stems from study, passion and a certain skill with words.  I am solitary in practice and will never join an official coven.  I don't think I could find one that I would feel completely comfortable with.

I am extremely eclectic.  I am not Wiccan.  I am not Pagan in the classic sense.  I am not even Christian by the standards of most people.  I am utterly confident in asserting only that I am a witch.  Even this confidence is a relatively new state.  Though I have been actively pursuing the 'supernatural' for my entire life (30 odd years now), I have only been comfortable with the title 'witch' for six months or so.

I do not believe in teaching spells to young witches.  (I don't know how I would have found this path, however, were it not for the willingness of others to do just that.  I believe that teaching in such a manner is perfectly legitimate and appropriate.  There are so many wonderful authors that are eager to share specific spell-work, that anything I could say on the subject would be redundant.) My approach is quite different.  I will provide, in my pages, a great deal of information.   I will not 'write' spells that include specific instructions about what you should say, do, think or feel.  I will not name gods or goddesses to be called on.  No ritual or ceremony I write about is meant to be taken as final or all-inclusive. Successful magick MUST come from within the witch.  My desire is that the information I provide will act as a springboard into each individual's personal well of creativity.  This religion (path, way, method, study, etc.) has never been about doing 'it' the right way.  Its always been about working with what you have.

I am open to contact.  I love to receive e-mail from my readers.  I am pleased to discuss anything you might feel strongly about.  I will not, however, bend to the demand that I do this like the others do.  I will not be converted ~ by Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist, or any other.  I will continue to quest for myself.  You are welcome to witness the journey and / or to be part of it.

Witchcraft, like most other lifestyle choices, is subject to the ebb and tide of popularity.  In 1998, there was a noticeable sense of 'witch chic' in popular culture. (The Craft, Practical Magic, etc.)  I believe that 1999 will be another year of the witch.  If you are simply here looking for a good time, fine.  Most of us got started that way.  Still, understand that this is not a phase for many of us.  I make no outrageous claims; I make no promises about what you will be able to accomplish if you read my words.  I have no reason to lie or mislead.  Please enter WitchPlay in perfect love and perfect trust.  I offer you, in these pages, the best of what I have to give.

Blessed Be,

Liz Crowe

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