At an appropriate age :)
I discovered poltergeists.

Shortly thereafter I found the "dark" fae
                                and my mother's biography of Ed Gein--
which sent me scrambling for a copy of Psycho in the newly available VHS format.

. . . And ignited my love affair with the master of suspense.
Alfred Hitchcock
10 The Birds
9 Frenzy
8 Strangers on a Train
7 Notorious
6 Rebecca
5 North by Northwest
4 Vertigo
3 Rope
2 Psycho
1 Rear Window
The exact cover of the book...I still have it.
What an attractive monster . . .


I looked into the past of my own town, (it has served as a model for at least two books that I know of,)
and my own state
and found a host of hints and facts and innuendoes
                                                   the sanitarium, the gangster-shootouts, the recluses, the fire, and the caves.
                This arcane gossip fodder won me some friends.

As a pack,
we delved deeper into the unusual,
                                                                      and we scared ourselves silly.
(Put six or seven mystery-minded girls of 15 in a room overnight . . .
you won't believe how many spirits are glimpsed from the corner of an eye
                                          and how many objects move, fall over or crash to the ground

                                                                                                                             for "nogoodreason".)
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