Now, just past 30, I still relish the odd, the unexplained and the creepy.

When I can, I watch
The X-Files . . . Profiler . . .Millenium . . . Forever Knight . . .
                                  and the reruns of the old programs that my 50+ channels provide.

Granted, I'm softer, kinder and wiser.

I can't watch the evening news most nights
because the cruelties that
                                                      normal people visit on other normal people
make my heart ache.
I'd rather contemplate mysteries I can nearly comprehend.

There is, of course, a melancholy aura about many of my interests.

It may be true that ghosts are the trapped and tormented souls of  victims of circumstance.
This saddens me.
It may be true that reports of aquatic monsters and yeti and fae are sightings of the last of vanishing breeds.
This saddens me.

It may be true that human monsters like Dahmer and Gein are products of their environments.
This saddens me.

It may also be true, however, that knowledge  can contribute to the eradication of  some of this sadness.

The Web, in three days, has provided me with information on,
and connections to,
                                               that for which I have spent years searching.

In my searches, I do not mean any disrespect to those that have suffered pain, confusion or terror
at the hands of  some of the figures I am pursuing.
I mourn for the victims and, often, the perpetrators
                                                                         of  violent acts.

Still, I will continue to try to gain an understanding
                          of some of  the situations and characters that exist
                                                                                    outside the boundries of our civilized world.
Doing so is my way of whistling a happy tune in the dark.
The dark exists,

               in our world
                            in our minds
                                                in our history . . .

like it or not, it is ours to explore.

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It is difficult to offer proper credit for a page that was constructed in a
3-days-and-nights-in-a-dark-mood-obsessive state.
As I readied this page for upload,
I accessed my browser's history and my general knowledge of
who-does-what out here in cyberspace
in order to offer the following list.

To the authors of the sites I have linked to,
Thank you for proving I am not alone.

A few of the graphics are linked  to their sources in surrounding text.
To them, I offer written thanks:
Dark Childe (Picnic at Hanging Rock still)
The SciFi Channel (Rod Serling, among others)

Other, unlinked, graphics and information were gathered at the following sites:
Ed Gein (this is strong stuff gang):
Vanishing Fae
Lilly's Pad
Moon bar
Ed Gein Book Cover
 Amazon Books Search Engine
Creature From the Black Lagoon Poster
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey
Psycho Movie Poster
  Hitchcock Film Posters
Carrie Book Cover
Stephen King Cover Gallery
Sebekneferu Torso
Cleveland Museum of Art  Pharoah Exhibition
Vlad Portrait
About Vlad Tepes
Witch Lass Portrait
The Cellar
Flickering Candle
To All Of The Above--
Thank you,
                            Thank you,
                                                 Thank you.

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