Lizzy's Hens

Weird right?  Well, I don't care, I love my three girls.  I'm hoping to get hold of a digital camera so I can show you a picture.

Here's where I reveal my deepest, darkest secret . . . I'm a Martha Stewart wanna-be.  I have always loved chickens, but it never occurred to me to keep just a trio.  Then Martha showed me how.  I tell everyone else that they are for the kids but I truly love to go out to the coop in the morning and bring in pastel eggs.
(They really are better.)

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For now, some guidelines if you are crazy enough to follow in my footsteps:


1)  Check your zoning anonymously in case you decide to recklessly risk the fine.

2)  Don't get attached to any chick until you are positive its not a rooster.  You wouldn't believe how loud his crow seems when you're afraid your neighbors might turn you in to the chicken cops.

3)  Speaking of them, you can't hide even just three hens from your neighbors.  Bribe them and make rash, good-behavior-promises BEFORE you get your chicks.

(I got approval, brought the girls home and then the left-side neighbor moved.  When I introduced myself to the new inhabitants, I went bearing eggs.  They think I'm strange but they don't seem to mind.)


Once the coop is built, they are cheap pets.  Chicken feed literally costs--okay--chicken feed, straw isn't bad, and they thrive on vegetable based kitchen scraps as a supplement. 

They eat bugs like crazy.

They make really cool sounds.

They get big and fat and tame when they are allowed to wander the yard.

Just a pretty . . .



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There.  I've got it out of my system . . . for now.  If you actually read this whole ramble, please help yourself to the following award.  Honor system.