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Our family has tended to many different kind of rodents.  We have had hamsters, mice, gerbels and (long ago) a rabbit.
(A rabbit has joined our family since I wrote this.)  Quite honestly, we never considered opening our home to guinea pigs.  We believed that they were boring, snappy, smelly, animals.  (Couldn't tell you how we came to such conclusions, we just did.)
Recently, we reluctantly took in, not one, but three of them.  (We discovered that they had been living in a dresser drawer and could not leave them in such a situation.)
Determined to find them homes as quickly as possible, we set up a temporary home, in an old fishtank, in the corner of our livingroom.
Within two hours, we fell hopelessly in love.
We are now in the process of learning what we've gotten ourselves into.  I have found some great links on the web, (see below), and our already overcrowded bookshelves now contain at least two new books on the care and keeping of these amazing critters.
I am including a table of the pros and cons of living with cavies for your viewing,  Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed below are just opinions.  We are far from experienced with this species .

they look like tribbles they drink a lot of water they require frequent bedding changes ...because they drink so much I suppose.
they have a gentle, peaceful nature they don't bite their food-begging squeals can be piercing
they make cool sounds... constantly! they adore veggies and fresh grass they thump their water bottle against the side of the cage
they will sit happily in your lap scurrying away they hardly ever sleep they can't sit in your lap for that long without peeing on you
the top of the cage can be open so we can have frequent contact life span is about 4 years
                : (
they do smell bad if you miss a litter change by as little as one day
multiple cavies, set free to roam a room, will form a guinea pig 'train';
fun to watch
they seem to eat everything we give them
and are rather round as a result
they breed faster than rabbits

Guinea Pig Journal
Feb. 3, 1999
So much has happened with our pets since I first put this page together.  I guess the biggest news is that we have a new "baby" cavy.  (That's in quotes because he's really more of an irritating adolescent now :)
Our pretty, smooth coated, white and tan female, Zen
mated with
our rumpled, Abyssinain, black and orange male, Halloween.
Zen gave birth to a single, adorable piglet in December of 98.
RendinWolf (my daughter) named him Calico.  And that is just what he is too.  He's mostly smooth coated except for one whorl, smack in the middle of his forehead.

Cavy Links
Please be aware that these sites are generally not Pagan in nature and are often run by children.
To Fauna Index

This site is grand fun.  It is "veddy, veddy", British.
It includes all sorts of photos, merchandise and information.
Check out Cavy Careers.
There is also a lovely photo of Princess Diana, as a girl, holding a guinea pig.

This site is run by a 13-yr-old boy.  He has created a great site that includes guinea pig games.  This is a wonderful place for kids.  He has all of his facts straight too and even writes well.  Please be considerate when signing his guestbook--do not leave links to sites related to witchcraft.

The Guinea Pig Corner
A plain and simple site that provides a good deal of information.  Especially valuable:
How Cavies Communicate
General Cavy Care

Basic Guinea Pig Care
Care instructions provided by a vet.  Also, follow the link to Mr. Piggley's page.

Gizmo's Homepage
The photograph that led you here from Fauna Index is of Gizmo.  This is a friendly site with photographs.  The saga of Gizmo and Gabby is a fun read.  Thanks for loaning me the photo Kathy!

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