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Regarding Gardening~~
In the nearly six years I have owned the house in which I live, I have learned a great deal about gardening and plant life.  Most notably, I now know what I should have done and when I should have done it.

Lizzy's Garden 

The catalogues have begun to arrive and I will soon begin to breathe & dream

When I do, you'll be able to come here to see where the hell I've been and what I've been doing.


This section is written primarily for those of you that own a piece of land and dream of it becoming a useful, mystical, practical, enchanted, low-maintenance, 
high yield, uunusual, comforting, work of art ~ otherwise know as a garden.
The Witches' Garden

First year~
assessment, planning, slow treasures and annuals

Second year~
fruit, an herb garden and a  vegetable plot

Third year~
ponds and water, lawn work, buildings, expanded perenials and herbs

Forth year~
reassessment, specialization

Fifth year~


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Basic Herbal Stock
~herb specific information~

Because there are so many wonderful sites and books available to an aspiring herbalist, I will not attempt to feature an extensive listing of species here.  Instead, I will concentrate on those plants and items that are readily available.  Knowing about the healing or magical properties of exotic species does not help me tend to my family on a daily basis.

When I first began to investigate herbs, I wanted to know how to use the parsley I could get free at the grocery store and the mint that grew wild in my backyard.  I actually stock or grow all of the items listed in this section.

getting started
magickal properties
medicinal properties
preservation and storage
Getting Started 
Magickal Properties
Medicinal Properties
Preservation & Storage

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Purely Practical
~putting food on the table~

Click Garden for Fruits and Vegetables

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Magickal Tree & Wood Work

Click leaves for Trees, Shrubs and Vines

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by Nomad
Seeking artist to credit for garden.


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The Witches' Garden Fast Index
Basic Herbal Stock ~ 
(info about the most common of herbs)
getting started
magickal properties
medicinal properties
harvest & preservation
general instructions for basic herbal recipes
Tree & Wood Magicks
Purely Practical ~
(putting food on the table)
 The Witches' Garden ~ 
(crafting a 'perfect' magickal garden)
First Turn
Second Turn
Third Turn
Fourth Turn
Fifth Turn
Lizzy's Garden Journal
Garden Reference

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