Ruff N Tumble
Tog Hi!  I'm Tog the Groundhog and this is my buddy, Chammi.
Baby Chammi

Mother Crowe has been keeping our bowls filled with special tasty treats.  She's a good cook.  (I like the carrots best but Chammi keeps asking for FLIES! Yech...Mother Crowe gives them to her though.)

Mother Crowe has been hanging around here a little more too.  I guess she's got a lot of her work done in the other rooms and wants to take a break and play with us.   

One of our guests told us that there is a dog that wants to come live with us.  We have talked about it a lot.  We have decided we would like to have him come.

Our favorite toy is still The Magic Book. The Magic Book

Do you want to see the page
that we found today?
Maybe you can help us...
(click the book if you do)

Come back and see us again.

See ya later alligator.

In a While Crocodile
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Mom says its her turn again . . . bye!
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