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The titles listed in Lizzy's Library do not reflect the whole of what I have read or what I own.
These books are particularly useful to me.  In order to make the cut, each book had to demonstrate:

As the whim strikes, I will review some of the listed books on this page.
I will attempt to include a sample of what I enjoyed in each review.
And so, in no particular order:

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101 Nights of Grrreat Romance~
This is an expensive book (I think I paid $30-35 for it) but it is grand fun.
The format consists of 101 sealed pages with ideas for loving up your mate.  Upon purchase, the only section  that can be read consists of 5 explanatory pages at the beginning.  All the other "pages" take the form of tear-out, two page, chapters.  it's hard to explain, but its cool.

Basically, you and your mate (this is written from a heterosexual angle) each chose a chapter based on a few clues available on the cover of the chapter.  You agree to a time limit (2 weeks works for us)  in which you will perform whatever acts are specified in your chapter.  Typically, these acts include:

  • Kiss of the week
  • Conversation piece
  • Passion Coupon
  • and the big romance idea
I think the best way to review this is to share the contents of one chapter.

From the cover of one chapter, thanks to a simple icon key, My Consort was able to determine that the  particular romance would cost $10-25 and involve going somewhere.  The only other info available from the cover was an indication that the contents were "for his eyes only" and a leading title, in this case:
X Marks the Spot
The contents of the chapter were:
The Luscious Lip-lock Kiss~
"Take your lover into your arms and begin kissing her.  Then  ever so gently nip and suck her top lip.  Kiss her some more and then nip and suck her bottom lip.  Go back and forth until her knees go weak."
Conversation Piece~
Two short readings from romance experts.
Passion Coupon~
"Something Tasty--This coupon entitles the bearer (My consort) to  be breakfast in bed."
The Big Romance~
On a map of your city, mark as many personally significant locations as possible.  Also mark a new romantic destination.  Do not label the marks beyond street addresses.  Give the map to your mate with a note that warns of a "geography quiz" the following evening.  Refuse to discuss anything about the map until the appointed quiz time.  By the following night, she will have determined that the marks indicate places that have been special to your relationship.  If she is unable to identify a few marks, take the opportunity to impress her with your memories of events.  Eventually, she will get to the last destination which apparently means nothing.  This is your cue to tell her to grab her shoes, you'll just have to go see.  This location could be anything from a new Italian restaurant to a playground with a really cool slide.

Pretty Neat huh?  Yeah, its corny but then so is romance.

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The Grandmother of Time
A Woman's Book of Celebrations,
Spells and Sacred Objects for Every Month of the Year
One of the most common types of Craft-related books is the "Wheel of the Year theme"
I enjoy them immensely.  I love to sit down at the end of a month and read through all of my seasonal guides in preparation for the new month.  Considering this fact, and the number of such books I own and use happily, it is high praise for me to say this book is the best of them all.
The Grandmother of Time is my first exposure to Z. Budapest and I am enchanted with her lyrical yet straight forward prose.  Her knowledge base is unbelievable.
Each monthly section is written as a personal letter to you from a Goddess.  My personal favorite is a missive from Anna Perenna, The Grandmother of Time herself.  This address begins:

"I left you a message today in the thick snow, just when you passed that old leafless birch tree.  I felt your despair and decided to contact you...I can see you even without looking, and I can feel you from your birth to your grave.  No need to discuss the grave here.  No, just the opposite.  I wanted to let you know that from now on I shall leave you messages, and you shall know hope, knowing that your maker has not deserted you.  Did you think that after the magnificent and arduous act of creation I retired?  Dear child, not true.  I am a god of responsibility!  Naturally you don't see me all the time, but I am here nevertheless."
Though such "letters" are most treasured by me, they are only one aspect of the usefulness of this book.  Each month also contains spells and a calendar of holidays.  I was particularly pleased to find that Ms. Budapest lists many Christian holidays as well as Wiccan.

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