Blankets are a wonderful, if time consuming craft.
You do not have to be a wizard with a needle or a sewing machine--
You only need to make a commitment of your time and energy.
Oh, and a lot of fabric or yarn.

Blanket Blessings also below


Crafting a Blanket

(these are blanket construction suggestions, 
in order, from easiest to most challenging.)
  • Easiest Handmade Blanket-Quilt
  • Knit or Crochet using multiple strands of yarn all at once.  You might chose to pick colors based on magical properties or use a representative color for each member of your family.
  • Use the same color principles in a simple quilt top.
  • Craft a quilt with blocks made from the logos and or pictures on old tee shirts.  Think about your kids' softball tees, scouting tees, worn-to-death tees.
  • Craft a quilt top from bits of your family's clothes-- try to include scraps from friends and relatives.
  • Craft a blanket that has the family name incorporated into the design.

    Blanket Blessings
    Mix and Match
    any of the following elements
    • Work as a family to create a simple rhyme such as:
      Blanket soft, Blanket warm
      Shelter us from angry storm.
      Blanket warm, Blanket soft
      Never let our love be lost.
    • Have even the smallest member of the family complete a stitch or two while he or she concentrates on adding love, protection and comfort to the blanket.
    • Have each member of the family wrap the blanket around the next while verbalizing a characteristic of the blanket.  Like this:
      • You wrap your daughter and say, "This blanket is warm enough for you."  She removes it and wraps it around her brother while saying, "This blanket is fuzzy enough for you."  He wraps his father and says, "This blanket is big enough for you."  Continue to pass it around until you run out of adjectives.  This is not a solemn blessing.
    • Have each family member suggest a simple blessing action--a moon bath, a spin in the washer with an article of clothing from each member, a kiss at each corner--the action doesn't matter, the participation does.
    • Wash or air the blanket after it witnesses it's first emotional storm and often thereafter.
    • Formal cleansing and blessing ceremonies are fine as well.  Smudge, sprinkle with holy water, charge with directed energy, whatever makes your heart happy :-)
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