A collection of prayers, invocations, & rhymed spells that I wrote to suit my personal vision of witchcraft and Deity.

Holy And Divine Creator:

The works of this world--
That through will and design
You devised and unfurled--
I take as symbol and sign.

The sun's brilliant light,
The moon's shifting face,
The uncountable stars,
Reflect your nature and place.

In the stirrings of life
And the stillness of ore,
Dwell guides, guards and companions:
Boons of wisdom and lore.

Accept as your own
My praise to Will manifest.
And grant me alliance
With all that is blessed.
                        Lizbeth Crowe
                                          September 1998

A quick protection spell:

So that we may rest--
North, East, South and West--
Treasures and Souls
We ask thee to safely enclose.
                                              August 1998

Tarot Prayer
(it's doggerel but easy to remember!)

Sweet Creator, Holy Light,
Bless the work I do tonight.
Dwell within me; make me whole--
Mind and body; heart and soul.
Bestow on me, if it is right,
Vision, wisdom and insight.
Truthfully these cards to read,
So I may learn Your will to heed.
                                                June 1998

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