On other nights, wrapped in a blanket to protect myself from the chill of the basement rec-room,

A predecessor of Fox Mulder
I tuned in to Tales from the Darkside
                     and Hammer House of Horror
                                            and Kolchak the Night Stalker
                   with the telephone in my hand.

My best friend
             (a boy ~ and thus not welcome to my house late at night,)
                            and I watched together.

Sometimes we talked, 
mostly we just breathed 
                  and crunched snacks 
                                            into the receiver.

Suddenly, video stores bloomed on nearly every corner.
All the movies I had ever wanted to see were available for a rental fee of a couple bucks.
                                         I spent a lot of bucks and watched a lot of movies.

Genuinely Frightening Films:
Silence of the Lambs 1991
Near Dark 1987
The Shining 1980
Halloween 1978
Night of the Living Dead 1968
Picnic at Hanging Rock 1975
Amityville Horror 1979
If you haven't seen this, you should.  Its rentable now.

With keys to a car finally in hand,
(at the age of 20),
and a great babysitter (Grandmothers are so wonderful for these things . . .)
for my two-year-old,
                                                                    some of those same friends and I drove to
Mr. Gein's Hometown.

                            We found his grave in the town cemetery,
                                                                    just after dusk (though we hadn't planned it that way)
on the weekend before Halloween.

We put flowers on Mary's grave.
                                                                             We were stunned to see flowers on Ed's as well.

At the time, he'd only been dead for 3 years.



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