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Dearest Dove,

I know that I haven't been involved in your life lately.  I am so sorry for letting us drift apart.  Sometimes, I just let life overwhelm me and forget how much comfort I can take from the strength of our friendship.  I am deeply ashamed that I couldn't get it together enough to be there for you in these last months.

After we last spoke, I started spiraling downwards.  (You know how circumstances can knock me to the ground. . . and you probably can guess what triggered me this time.)  For a long time, I just drifted in depression.    At some point, however, I found something that helped me get to my feet.

I know we have things to talk about--and I owe you a better apology than the one above.  Maybe, after you read this, you can call me.  Right now, though, I want to let you know what I've been up to.  Its a little easier for me to write the whole thing down before you can ask questions. (Winsome smile)

So, how do I say this?  Um...I'm a witch.

Okay, now take a deep breath...a few points:

  • I haven't finally gone round the bend.
  • I'm not trying to convert you.
  • No one has unduly influenced me.
  • And, no, I can't fly...yet.  (That's a joke!)
Come on, are you really surprised?  You've known me forever.  I've always been like this.  Its just that now I have a name for it.  Some folks use the expression, "coming out of the broom closet", I guess that's what I'm doing.  So, do you know anything about Wicca or Paganism or Witchcraft?  We've never really talked about it before--despite our mutual fascination with the "supernatural".

Okay, so I thought it would be easiest to write about this, but I'm dying to see the expression on your face.  I'm not sure where to go from here.  What I say next depends a great deal on what you already know or don't know.  Let me assume you know nothing and hit some important points, 'Kay?

I'm not a satanist.  I don't practice "black magic".  I still believe in one divine Creator.  I still believe in the divinity of Christ...and Buddha...and Mohammed.  I sill pray...and walk in the moonlight...and read the Tarot...and believe in ghosts and the fey.

It is just that now I also cast spells...make charms...have an altar...communicate with others that feel as I do...and feel blissfully free.  I finally found my place in the Grand Scheme.  Now I am looking for my purpose.  And it is a marvelous quest.

I'm back to feeling good.  And now I have a strength I didn't have  Witchcraft isn't the cure for everything...I don't expect that it will solve it all.  The world is going to keep spinning and, in the future, I'm gonna feel like it is deliberately trouncing on me, I'm sure.  Depression is going to continue to crop up.  I obviously need to learn to prevent myself from hurting those people that I you...when it does.

Now I really don't know where to go.  I think its best for me to just close for now and get this to you.  Please forgive me for letting myself get wrapped up in my needs to the exclusion of yours.  I love you Doll.


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