If you need to communicate information about Your "controversial" spiritual path, but can't quite find the words, please, feel free to use or modify mine.
Blessed Be,
I've been fortunate; my family and friends have been very open
to my practice of the craft.
I understand that this is not the case for everyone.
I have been blessed with a pretty fair ability to communicate,
especially in written form.
I Understand that this, Also, is not the case for everyone.

by the By, I truly admire those of you who are gifted with talents in:  art, song, needle craft, athletics and so on.
I don't pretend to know your exact situation or audience.  The following "Form Letters" are Meant to be personalized to suit you needs.  i hope that someone out there can benefit from these Gifts.

To those of you that are new to the web, 

To take a 'Letters' text home to use:

  • highlight entire text
  • right click highlighted text
  • chose copy
  • minimize all windows until you get back to your desktop
  • open any word/text program
  • paste
  • edit at will

personal letters:
to moms, siblings, close friends, and others you love

the one concerned about 
the one concerned about your child(ren)
the one that doesn't know but should

Background by the divine Moyra, but she donated this work to STH
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