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Please enjoy the following links.
These sites exhibit careful crafting, attention to detail and a tangible passion for their subject matter.  They also support Lizzy Crowe's Hollow by displaying one of my banners :)
(Those sites that don't use banners display a text link to the Hollow.)
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A massive site with a very appealing, mysterious atmosphere.

The comprehensive grandmother of all the sites.

Hearth Craft

The first page of this site takes a while to load; the index of pages is toward the bottom.
Best content, in my opinion, is located in herbalism, candles, oils, stones, etc.
Practical, friendly site.  She even offers personal readings for a buck or two.


An excellent Pagan resource page with a warm atmosphere and many links re:  parenting.

Beautifully organized site with a decided slant toward mothering interests.
May be the most comprehensive pagan parenting site I've seen.
Just starting a new parenting ring--check it out.

Free-for-Link Graphics

The Natural World

Just Plain Cool

Passionate Personal Pages

A joyful celebration of life and learning.  Go here for a spiritual lift.
Explore the section about a personal jouney--follow the directions from there.
(That's kinda funny, but you won't get it 'til you get there:)

I'm not exactly sure what captured me here.
I was just struck by the beauty of TeaNa's soul as it is manifested in her pages.
At this time this is primarily a 'links page' but her links are almost entirely related to noble causes and thus,
slightly different from most link intensive sites.
*This is a young site with some graphics problems that we're working on.