Select Banner Exchange

One of mine for one of yours...
seeking to swap with high quality sites in any of the following categories:

Hearth Craft
Free-for-Link Graphics
The Natural World
An Effective Blend
Just Plain Cool

I want to be associated with quality sites . . . this means:

Desired Characteristics:
working links
attractive layouts
good navigability
decent spelling & grammar
original content
timely upkeep & updates
and a sense of atmosphere
Not Required:
extensive size
authoritative expertise
Pagan nature
Sunshine & Roses
kindred beliefs or thoughts
(Non-Pagan sites 
will simply be marked 
as such.) 

Special Pluses:
just-starting sites
Friendly to all positive religions

Absolutely No:
or anything of that ilk

no merchants or shops 
at this time.

Oh yeah . . . And  I'll want you to display one of my banners too!

Why all the rules?  Because surfing time isn't easy to come by for many of us and its tough to find the many wonderful sites among the billions of so-so or just plain bad ones.
I want this to be a list that my guests can count on when they want to wander.

If you are interested:
1)  Take a banner

2)  Link it to:
3)  E-Mail me with your site's main URL and the location of your banner.

If you have a good site but don't have a banner, I will make one for you--similar in quality to mine--if you like. 
(That's what I know how to do :)
I'll let you know by E-mail if I can not include your banner.
Otherwise, look for it in a week or less.  BB  Liz

To see examples of banners I have created, click here.
Enough already, let me see the banners....