Lizzy's Illustrated Stones Page
This list includes only commonly available stones.  The listed properties of each gem are abbreviated summaries of information taken from the book  A Victorian Grimoire by Patricia Telasco and garnered from a web site entitled Owl Lady's Magickal Garden. The gem illustrations were obtained at a site called The Gem Hut (a commercial site).
I have provided links to these sites at the bottom of this page.
I gathered my stones very inexpensively.  Just after I began to study, I  accidentally wandered into a mineral show at our local mall.  (Isn't being a witch great?  Ah, the coincidences . . .).  At the show I found the only opal I could afford with the incredibly attentive help of the booth's proprietor.  I paid $7 for a stone with faint, but nice, fire that was about the size of a pencil eraser.  The rest of my current stone collection came from my local craft store.  In the beading section of most such stores, you can find bags of authentic stones for $3-4.  Granted, the stones are small, but I find the ability to create strings of beads to be a great boon for charm making.

Amber Furthers ambition, heals, lifts spirits
Amethyst Increases spiritual awareness, calms, soothes, wards from drunkenness, grounds, cleanses
Aventurine Increases creativity, stimulates motivation, soothes emotions, promotes acceptance of self and others
Bloodstone Heals and strengthens.  Wards from accidents and disease.
Carnelian A Wish Stone
Special property:  brings about wish-fullfillment if worn over the heart.  Promotes health, longevity and general good fortune.
Emerald Attracts true love.  Strengthens memory, perception and insight.  Helps to heal bites from venomous animals.
Garnet Balances hormones, alleviates depression, increases self-esteem, encourages success in business, wards from nightmares
Hematite Absorbs negativity, increases optimism and courage, increases mental clarity
Howlite, white pending
Jade Symbolic of divine revelation,  brings good fortune and health, links the physical world to the spiritual world
(many types)
Guards personal independance.  Especially effective for women.  Brings inspired warnings of approaching attempts at domination.  Balances emotions and relieves stress, again, esp."typically" female stress.
Malachite Draws abundance, provides protection--especially for children and travelers, promotes clear vision and hope
Moonstone Brings good fortune, promotes selflessness, gives clarity to spiritual matters.  Particularly helpful to women as it is said to ease childbirth, cramping, and excessive flow.
Opal Reputed to increase second sight for some--particularly those born between September 23rd and November 21.  May be unlucky for love and marriage.
Rose Quartz Grants peace, love, fidelity, and happiness in marriage.  Increases intuition, cools tempers, reduces stress
Ruby Increases energy and vigor.  Promotes charity, dignity and courage.  Helps relieve grief.
Sapphire Thank you to Garnet Redstone for providing the following information:
"Enhances intellect, study, knowledge and memory. Encourages generosity, love and loyalty. Develops independence, centering, balance and psychic  ability. " 
Topaz Dispels melancholy, calms emotions, increases physical energy, wards from insomnia, helps to heal depression.
Turquoise Protects from evil and danger, balances, grounds.  Takes on the characteristics of its wearer--best not to wear the stone of someone that has died.


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