The roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-busy aspects of witchcraft 

WitchPlay content is suitable for 'maiden witches' and mature 
practitioners alike.  (Really.) 
Seek here for fresh ideas regarding harnessing the innate powers of:

~ The Wheel of the Year ~ Stones ~ Herbs ~ Animals ~ The Directions ~ Weather ~ 
~ The Ages & Stages of WitchCraft ~
~ Mindful Work ~

By Robin Wood

A Note from Liz Crowe

Maiden, Mother, Crone Craft

The Witches' Garden

Drawing On The Powers of 
Flora and Fauna
Storm and Stone

Witches' Wheel ~ Magick Compass

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WitchPLAY Fast Index
~ Correspondences ~

Herb & Botanical (and more) Properties
a correspondence chart sorted by need
properties of common crystals & gems
Illustrated Stones
as above, with photos to aid identification
Our Wheel
sabbats, holidays and moon phases for 1999
Magick Compass
visual aid for understanding directions and elements
Witches' Companions
understanding & sharing the strengths of fauna 

~ Something More ~

Mother, Maiden, Crone Craft
a ramble thru the stages of witch-hood
Witches' Garden
planning, planting, growing and using botanicals
legend and lore of familiars (spiritual & flesh)
Rainbow Bridge
comfort in the face of animal death
Raven Magick
of particular resonance for me
Astronomy & Meteorology
tapping into the energy of storms and events

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© Robin Wood 
Used with Permission