Accused of Witchcraft, put to death

June 10
Bridget Bishop

July 19
Sarah Good
Elizabeth How
Susannah Martin
Rebecca Nurse
Sarah Wilds

Aug 19
George Burroughs
Martha Carrier
George Jacobs
John Proctor
John Willard

Sept 19
Giles Cory
(pressed to death)

Sept 22
Mary Esty
Alice Parker
Mary Parker
Ann Pudeator
Margaret Scott
Wilmont Redd
Samuel Wardwell

Accused of Witchcraft, died imprisoned

Sarah Osburn
May 10, 1692

Roger Toothaker
 June 16, 1692

unnamed infant of Sarah Good
prior to July 19, 1692

Ann Foster
Dec. 3, 1692

Lydia Dastin
March 10, 1693

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