A short and succinct summary
of my spiritual beliefs.

Deity--To me, Deity is one Creator.  Male, female, both and neither.  Ever-present and accessible.  Represented by God and Goddess images in order to encourage understanding and personal relationships with the divine.  I believe in the divinity of Jesus BUT understand that the nativity--and following events through ascension --occurred in order to create a path that could be comprehended by a particular culture at a particular time.

I also believe in the divinity of holy figures in other religions.  These figures served a different culture, in a different specific time.

I believe that holy texts are symbolic even when divinely inspired.  I believe that multiple translations, additions and deletions--through hundreds of years and dozens of political environments--have altered the content and meaning of religious texts.  They are not to be completely ignored OR taken literally.  (By the way, I do not insist that the Jesus story, as portrayed in the new testament, is totally accurate, complete or literal.)

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Witch--To me, this term does not apply solely to Wiccans.
  • Form an intense, responsible and personal relationship with Deity (Spirit), the natural world and the community.
  • Believe in the power of the human mind, will and soul.
  • Work magick in the manner in which they live their lives.
  • May work with ritual, spells and divination tools.
I proudly carry the title in honor of those who have gone before . . . the healers, the midwives, the gypsies and the mystics.

~~in memory of the tragedy at Salem~~

Evil--Okay, here's where my path diverges from most pagans and witches.  I do believe in an entity (or will, if  you prefer) that embodies evil.  I believe anyone working with magick or "supernatural" skills should carefully guard against deception and illusions of grandeur.  I also believe that a witch's role in the community must include working toward the eradication of evil acts and manifestations.

Sabbats, Holidays, Esbats, Mass, etc--I believe that celebrating any day, in honor of Creator or the gifts Creator bestows, is acceptable.  For details about our family's Wheel of the Year, and the events we honor, go to:
~~ Our Wheel ~~

Worship & Practice--I believe, as stated above, that the very manner in which one lives one's life is the most honest reflection of spiritual health.  Worshiping in a house of Diety, one day each week, is not enough to satisfy my need to feel constantly connected to 'the plan'.  To counteract my tenancies to celebrate Spirit exclusively without concious thought, I have created an altar in my home.  To get a glimpse of a working (thriving) witch's altar, go to:
~~ Our Altar ~~
To read a few spells / prayers that I've written, go to:
~~ Lizzy's Words ~~

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