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Little Wing  Clipart

LittleWing is a popular source for clipart and animated graphics year - round.  A thourough search of my pages would turn up at least a Dozen items gathered from the site.

*** December 30th, 1998 ~ Oops.  If you haven't gone, you've missed the holiday pages--Go anyway.  Lots of cool clipart has returned.  There's always something new at LittleWing...

***Initial Review:
I'm sending you to LittleWing NOW because they have an amazing seasonal display--the whole site has become a playground.  Go to the Newspaper section and really explore--yes it takes a while to load but it is worth it.  Take the kids--very family friendly...
I had a link to their Animated Night-Before-Christmas page from my Yule section.***

SheoWolf's Place
Night Voices by SheoWolf
I have recently discovered a particularly beautiful site known as SheoWolf's Place.
I was led to this lovely realm by a valued friend of The Hollow, Arvin.
I highly recommend that you go to explore SheoWolf's pages;  They contain a great deal of well-presented information, soothing music and a site-wide Gallery of stunning nature art.  SheoWolf's has a decidedly Native American appearance and atmosphere.

Best Bits:

Reflections of my Soul:
Repeatedly brought tears to my eyes.  One of the greatest, and most under-utilized, Aspects of web-work is the opportunity to create and present a personal reflection of the human psyche.  SheoWolf has mastered the skill of Sharing her experiences in a way that reminds the reader that the emotions we often think are exclusive to ourselves are, in truth, common to the human race.

I am the weaver of dreams.
I am the dream keeper.
I gently walk thru your sleep,
placing visions in your heart.
I travel on soft night winds
thru the land of Dream Spirits.
I protect you while you sleep.
I am the Guardian Spirit...
the Guardian of your dreams...
                                by SheoWolf

Spirit of the Wolf:
A lovely section dedicated to the magic, vulnerability and majesty of one of our favorite sister-species.  Beautifully done.

Graphics by SheoWolf:
This page displays a sample border.  I will be using this image, elsewhere at the Hollow, in the future.  Lots of gorgeous art with emphasis on Native American and Animal pieces.

The Goddess Art
Jonathon Earl Bowser

'The Awakening'

Ah.  My favorite kind of artist -- one that can create stunning images
lyrically write about them .
This site is a feast for the senses.  I went expecting to look at pretty pictures and came away with an increased understanding of the artist's mind, the Goddess, male perceptions, and--incredibly (for me)-- mathematics, of all things.
Perhaps I can best share the flavor of Jonathon's writings by quoting him:

    "All religions, all science, all philosophy, all art, are merely shallow interpretations of the SAME infinitely deep mystery of existence. Especially in religion, the repetition of the same motifs (death and resurrection, virgin birth, etc.) across time and geography shows that these revealed Truths are universal and not local or exclusive. What is of particular fascination to me - and I try to communicate this in my essays - is the repetition of these same patterns, not just in observed nature, but in the eternal laws that conduct that nature. The Yin-Yang duality of all things in Heaven and Earth, Virgin 7, the Cycle of 12, the Spiral of Life and the Fibonacci series. For me, such things are evidence of an ineffable Presence - inscrutable Beacons of Divinity.
    There is definitely something going on down here; I want to share my awe at the wonderful things I have found in the dark continent of the human dreamscape."
                                                  ~Jonathon Bowser
this site takes the form of an extensive, well organized, gallery with occasional 'Long Essays'.  Most (All?) of the art work has an attached note as well.  Expect some Load-time issues but its not bad.  Jonathon generously allows his guests to display *one of his images, in exchange for a link, on their homepage.  (Semi-rare with the professional artists.)
This is a commercial site--all images are available as signed prints.

*I'm cheating and taking two, I suspect he'll forgive me, so you can see another style :) See Below.

Best Bits:
For ones such as us, the 'Mythic Naturalism' galleries are must sees.
READ his essays!
(i've read through
'The Awakening' and 'Mythic Naturalism'
so far.)

One last quote...can ya tell I love the way this guy writes?

    "Nature was a sacred, life-bestowing Goddess, and we can scarcely imagine the magnitude of love early people felt for Her, and the cyclical
periodicity of Her Will: something begins, endures briefly, and ends...only to begin again in new form. This is the Wheel of Time.
    It is the annual flood or monsoon, the rotation of the seasons, alternating night and day, the phases of the moon, the rhythm of a woman and its relation to birth and new life. It is the sun spiraling around the galaxy, the galaxy spiraling around the universe, and the universe spiraling around the Infinite Creatress who sustains it all through the aeons. . ."
                                        ~From 'The Awakening'
And one last image....go to JonathonArt.com
to see this image, and many more, at full size -

'Morgan La Fey'
Jonathon Bowser

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