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I use the term recipe in the most general sense.
In these pages, the term recipe can refer to foodstuffs OR to spells & potions.
To me, the very word conjures up a  host of comforting and intriguing images.

I see the  Maiden--
brewing potions in a secret glade, 
becoming sure-footed as she walks
the narrow path of, 
 'An it harm none, do what ye will.
She labors to learn to tend herself.
Seek here for such things as:
  • alcoholic beverages 
  • romantic or elegant food
  • beauty potions
  • love and fidelity 
  • the most basic of magical recipes
and the like.

To Maiden Recipes

I see theMother--
spending countless hours 
contentedly crafting nourishment 
for both the body and soul.
Her work is wrought .in a cluttered 
but tidy home,
amidst the music of dear voices in need. 
She labors to learn to tend her loves. 
Seek here for such things as:
  • comfort foods
  • nutritious foods
  • protection 
  • fertility 
  • remedies
  • healing 
  • pregnancy needs
  • cleansings
and the like

To Mother Recipes

I see the Crone--
bent over a cauldron big enough
to hold the needs of the world. 
She works, night or day, when she wills.  She stands, 
alone or with companions, 
as she chooses. 
She is unbound 
by convention or environment.
She labors to learn to tend All.
Seek here for such things as:
  • earth healing
  • peace 
  • death
  • spiritual entities
  • teaching
and the like.

To Crone RecipesTo Crone Recipes

We are all of these women.
We have need of the knowledge of those that came before so that we may go about our work.
The recipes on the  following pages are collected from a multitude of sources.

When the recipe's original author
set pen to paper to record it, or passed it orally to another,
she gave it to the collective.
And so we are blessed by our inheritance . . .

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