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Welcome to my new sitemap.
Why the change? 
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Lizzy Crowe
~ A Witch Takes Flight ~
Information about the persona Lizzy Crowe and the RealTime woman behind her.
Currently, this site provides an introduction to my journey toward Christian-friendly  witchcraft.  This is where I put everything that didn't fit elsewhere. 
2/3/99 ~ Site checked and 'finished'
Mother Crowe's Magickal Meadow
Directed toward families that include both witches and non-witches.  Includes information about traditionally rearing a family without neglecting personal, spiritual needs.  Family safe.  Includes:  three distinct, age appropriate, kids' areas; The Childrens' Page of Honor; Mothering, and more.

2/3/99 ~ Site checked and 'finished' ~ new content added

WitchPlay by Lizzy Crowe
A site devoted to the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-busy aspects of witchcraft.  The content is suitable for 'maiden witches' and experienced practitioners alike.  (Really.)  Seek here for fresh ideas regarding harnessing the innate power of:  herbs, stones / crystals, familiars, directions, weather, Craft and life ages & stages, and ritualized work. 
2/14/99 ~ Site checked and 'finished' ~ new content added
~ Links, Rings and Banners by Lizzy Crowe ~
A selection of favorite links and rings.  Find 'Diversions' here. 

6/5/99 ~ removed extraneous materials & checked links.

Dark Touchstones
~ an odd little house with no easy way out ~
"Let's be honest with each other, shall we?  Though most of our sites concentrate on the positive, responsible, serious aspects of being a witch, I suspect there may be a deeper, darker, more child-like side to us all.  As for Me . . . I seem to harbor a morbid fascination with stuff that sends ordinary people running for the light switch and a baseball bat . . ." 
6/5/99 ~ stream-lined entrance area.

Serving all Crowe sites:

a listing of my favorite texts & novels
(some reviews included, more to come)
Dark Touchstones does have a separate dreambook.

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'New' animation from:

The time has come to let go of the original vision.  The Hollow has developed a life of its own and grown beyond the constraints of a simple table of contents.  Reluctantly, I must admit that I haven't created one cohesive site but, instead, have only laid the groundwork for several distinct sites. 
The former common theme of 'stuff I'm interested in' is too broad to allow you to find what you want or need.  (It also makes registering with search engines a nightmare.)    I do intend to keep all of my work accessible from here however, regardless of whether it is directly, and obviously, related to witchcraft or not.  After all, living a magickal life is all about integration.
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