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Directed toward families that include both witches and non-witches.  Includes information about traditionally rearing a family without neglecting personal, spiritual needs.  Family safe.  Includes:  three distinct, age appropriate, kids' areas; The Childrens' Page of Honor; Mothering, and more.

I have two children with ten years separating them.  My eldest, the girl, has been a sweet, well mannered, tom-boy from birth.  My son is also sweet, but at the age of three, not particularly well mannered.  (Okay, he's been an adorable bundle of mischief from the day he came into the world.)  These pages reflect the bemused glee I take in being a Mom.

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Parenting Index
For Mom and Dad type folks
Kids' Index
For Kid type folks

Fast Index

Childrens' Rights to Rites of Passage

Page of Honor

Ruff N Tumble room (age 1-5)
Magic Book Page
Family Routines


Fae's Garden 
(age 5-10)
Soothing a Child

Crafting a Comfort Quilt

Basic Sewing

Reserved for The Neon Arcade
(under construction)
 Page of Honor
Kids' Kitchen
Mother Crowe's Animals
Personal Politics

Letter to "Mom"
Letter to "Grandma"
Letter to "Dove"

 Reserved for future use

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