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Closing her down.
After a long delay, I have come to the decision to admit that I will no longer update this collection of pages. I am currently writing a novel and pursuing my interests of gardening, Craft work, needle work and being vibrantly alive :)   
I will be removing several link-intensive pages but I will allow the remainder to quietly dwell in this cyber space. Thanks to all that have written encouraging, suppostive letters. I wish you the best. A final warning if you choose to come in to wander about--THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN BROKEN LINKS AND OUTDATED INFORMATION. (But there's still a lot of beauty to be found too.)
6/5/99 Fixing, fussing and updating. I miss my webwork but won't promise to accomplish extensive additions.  The summer is calling me away AND I've started a (gasp) novel.  (20 pages in so far~don't know if that even counts...).  On top of that, I'm concentrating on practicing the Craft as opposed to exploring my beliefs within these pages.  Still, I really appreciate your visits and comments.  I sincerely hope you are having a magickal summer.

changes to


 I am in the process of changing the name of the section formerly known as WitchWorks.  I received an e-mail from a woman that trademarked the name in 1995.  It will take some time to change all references to read WitchPlay instead.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

On a more personal note, I have been quite absent from these pages for the last few months.  I have had some personal issues to work through.  The process continues even now, but things are looking up.  I hope to add new, interesting content soon. 

Blessed Be and wish me well if you have some good will to spare.
A lovely woman, known as, 
has been contending with some of my mail. 
At some point this month, I will no longer be using an aol address at all.  Please send all mail to
My first Award!!!!
...and a new page to hold it and any future awards.
a newly revised and expanded section of WitchPlay
Mother, Maiden, Crone Recipes
redesigned with new content
(in WitchPlay)
February in general
I've been fussing and making additions throughout.  Maybe, now that I have a page for it, I'll be better about giving you update info.

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