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The Name: 'Lizzy Crowe' is  not my legal name but it is a real name in every other sense.  While studying Wicca, Paganism and witchcraft, I learned that many witches take magical names (Ala Silver Ravenwolf).  I played with many combinations of words but everything seemed somehow wrong for me:  Too goofy, too serious, too pretentious, too fake.  I was going nuts.  (I have definite obsessive tendencies...)  In the end, Lizzy (Lizbeth when I'm feeling serious) Crowe came to me.  Lizzy was suggested by the memory of a favorite song from my childhood.  Crowe represents:  nature, flight, wisdom, intelligence and a fondness for shiny things.

The Sites:  If you were a guest before January 11th, 1999, you know that I used to have one big sprawling site.  My dear friend, Wynn,
finally had her way with me and convinced me that Lizzy Crowe's Hollow had to be divided into several distinct websites.  Despite the change in format, however, much of the original content remains (albeit in a spiffy new guise . . .)   I am still doing all of this because I want to build:
  • a creative outlet for me
  • a safe and friendly place for visitors
  • a source site for practicing witches and other magickal people

Lizzy's Philosophies:  Though I dislike labels, (doesn't everyone?), I suppose I should attempt to define my practice:

I'm a solitary, eclectic, not-quite-Wiccan witch (with Christian leanings).

One of my first experiences on the net involved a chat room I created in AOL.  I couldn't find anyone talking about my concerns so I opened a room entitled Christian Witchcraft.  It attracted a lot of attention, fast!  Christians, Wiccans and Pagans came flying in.  Most of them wanted to argue with me.  I don't know how often someone entered the room with the greeting of "There is no such thing" or "It's a contradiction of terms."  Eventually, a few kind Pagans and Wiccans (sadly, no supportive Christians that night. . .) entered and were willing to actually converse.  In the end, it was a positive, even life changing, experience.  I wish I could remember the names of these gentle ones so I could thank them.  Perhaps one of them will wander in here some day and recognize me.

Anyway, if you intend to E-mail me about my beliefs, please take the time to read the page Lizzy's Spiritual Beliefs.  Then, at least, your ammunition will be accurate.

Really Short Bio:  I live in the wondrous state of MN just outside of Minneapolis.  I am married to my True Love.  (Variously known as: Torin Blue, My Consort and whatever else I feel like calling him at the moment.)

We have a mischievous 3-year-old son (The Boy) and a blooming 12-year-old daughter (TigerWolf, Rendin Wolf).  Most of my birth family lives within a mile of us.  I am blessed with the opportunity to stay home to tend my family. We have a house and yard that would be perfect if it weren't located on a fairly busy (read noisy) road.  I like to pretend that we live in the country so I have extensive gardens and way too many

(a lovely boxer, a fox snake, a rabbit, three guinea pigs, three hens and a pondful of goldfish and frogs).

Child~of~the~70~80's;Woman~of~the~90's, Bio:
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